Music blog: My song I kneel before you

How the song originated is a special story …

I kneel before You is the 2nd song I’ve ever written, 8 years ago. It originated at a time when Psalm 23 does apply; a period in which there was much misery in my life. In it I literally went down on my knees at one time and put God to the words and melody in my heart at that moment. I did not have to think again, it just came out; inspired by the Holy Spirit.

When I did the Worship School in Dallas was my song, along with 11 other songs chosen to take up the task / project and to put on a CD. This was super special for me because I there were many experienced songwriters in my class. What was great to see my own song as musical take shape.

A good friend of my parents, which I since childhood to Uncle David call, heard my song and suggested to send this song to a good friend of his, Kurt Johnston (a very talented musician and Christian who include musician is Bon Jovi). He was very enthusiastic and suggested to include the song in a studio with him. I thought that was flown a very good plan and am therefore to Florida. Via via I could go to a super nice host family: Evelyn and Philip Ward. They also worship leaders and singer-songwriters who have toured with, among others Benny Hin. So it was very inspiring to meet them. With spiritual and financial support from, among others people from the Netherlands I stood for the first time in the studio. Above you can listen to the result.

Two people’s reactions to my song: “I woke very early this morning I have been going through a lot, testing my strength I do not know how it happened, but when i turned my phone on, there was Sytian’s song. !!! I cried and prayed a prayer of thanks. it was just what I needed at a time that i needed it. a miracle if you ask me. Please let her know how much her song touches my soul and lifts me up. Praise to God. “

“I got this song redirected when I was in the hospital with towering blood pressure. I could not hear it without crying, it touched me so. The song is about surrender and I was forced into the hospital to let go of everything. In my ordinary daily life, I am inclined myself to keep control, time and again, I would consciously choose to give Him control of my life. I realize that I can not be alone. I listen to this song like it because it reminds me of that choice . “

I hope that this song may encourage many more people, give them strength and inspire!